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Owner, Chief Engineer


Owner/Engineer Cass Anawaty has been working professionally in audio engineering for the last 2 decades as a mastering engineer, recording and mix engineer, composer, and producer. His masters have charted on Billboard, ITunes, and other independent rankings, and he has numerous “record of the year” awards from various organizations and publications. He has attended multiple master classes in audio engineering and production at West Viking Studios with Bruce Swedien, Bernie Grundman, and Ed Cherney, and Advanced Mixing Workshop with Joe Barresi and Chad Bamford at Joe’s House of Compression.  He is a voting member of the Production and Engineering Wing of NARAS (The Grammys) as well as a member of the Audio Engineering Society.  Cass is also the owner of Pinnacle Peak Publishing (BMI).

As an artist, Cass is half of Anawaty/Russell, a touring member of 2002, and a founding member of Majestica (with Sherry Finzer). He has studied theory and technique with guitarists Alex DeGrassi, Don Latarski, Mark Taylor, and William Krause.  Instruments include Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, and Synths.

Production credits include Anawaty/Russell, Majestica, Brian Futch, David W. Donner, Jeff Noel, and Dallas David Ochoa. 

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